Progress AD is a company, part of Holding Zagora with over 110 years of tradition in the production of high-quality technical castings of gray and ductile iron. We perform machining of the castings produced by us.

The company has the most modern production equipment:

  • melting capacities (furnaces) of ABP, INDUCTOTERM and BBC 
  • shot blasting lines, shot blasting drums and machines for internal cleaning of castings with complex configuration.
  • cores production area with ROPERVERK and LAEMPE machines.
  • Forming lines:
    • Automatic forming line HSP - 2D produced by HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO
    • Automatic forming line FBO - 3S produced by HEINRICH WAGNER SINTO
    • Semi-automatic forming line equipped with FOROMAT machines
    • Machine molding section with DOZAMET machines

We have a perfectly equipped laboratory, which is accredited and performs full control of: incoming raw materials, characteristics of the molten material and the molding mixture, physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of the finished products.

The production capacity is 15,000 tons of castings per year.


The company is certified according to the following standards: