"Progres" AD - Stara Zagora fulfills the conditions of its issued Complex permit No. 133-H2/2022. The company has implemented an environmental management system. All necessary instructions are prepared and implemented. During work, the cost norms allowed in Complex Permit No. 133-H2/2022 for the used amounts of water, electricity, raw materials and auxiliary materials are observed.

The legal requirements for the formation, collection, transportation, utilization, processing and recycling, as well as the disposal of waste, are observed.

The legal requirements for the specified emissions in Complex Permit No. 133-H2/2022, released into the atmosphere from the ventilation systems on the territory of Progress AD, are observed.

Wastewater and groundwater monitoring are in accordance with the set legal emission limits. Inspections and maintenance of the state of the sewage network at the company's site are periodically carried out to prevent contamination of groundwater and soil from possible gaps.

The company aims to protect the environment and prevent pollution by complying with legal requirements and ensuring production with the least possible negative impact on the environment and human health, striving to efficiently use resources, as well as technologies and equipment that meet best available techniques in metal casting.