Quality control


We have a perfectly equipped laboratory, which is accredited and performs full control of:

  • incoming raw materials;
  • characteristics of the molten material and the molding mixture;
  • physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of the finished products.

The production capacity is 15,000 tons of castings per year.

Accredited factory laboratory.

Complex permit from the Ministry of Ecology

Progress AD is a long-term supplier of castings for world famous companies in over 10 countries in Europe and around the world.

Progress AD employs highly qualified associates who are constantly engaged in the improvement and modernization of production and all technological processes.

We offer to our clients flexible and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Quality control

Strict observance and monitoring of the technological process at all levels of production ensure high quality of the manufactured products. The company has a well-equipped and accredited laboratory, performing full control of incoming raw materials, characteristics of molten metal and molding mixture, physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of finished products.